Got no soul to sell

I’ve got perfect memory for games. I’ve been playing for about 28 years now, starting at the age of 7. If you’d ask me for a list, I wouldn’t know where to start, but name a game – and I tell you if I’ve played or not, and if I did, I remember enough details to pinpoint a genre.

No surprise that over the course of those years I’ve become so fed up with games, that to stir some kind of interest and make me spend more than one short evening on a game, they got to show either some gameplay novelty or some really good storytelling, or better both. That’s the reason I hate multiplayer – no novelty, no story, only hordes of annoying kids who don’t have a single idea of how to behave in a socium. And that’s the reason why, when approached with a question of favourite games in a specific genre, I’d unmistakably choose something from a pre-f2p era.

So, you designing a game? Do you want people to remember what you did, in a good way – in 20+ years? You see, there’s a fine, almost invisible line that separates games as an art or games as a sport, which both are fun and, well, games – and games as a product, sometimes so devoid of soul that the Devil himself would sell you some. It’s OK to balance the shit out of your design, spending countless hours on playtesting, simulating crazy-ass random gameplay situations. But when you start talking about “perfect difficulty curve of peaks and valleys to maximize user retention” – that’s where I draw the line.

The reason for this rant is that everybody seems to want to learn marketing, sales and shit, and nobody wants to learn how to build something that is fun and looks good.

What do you want?



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