The Door Solution

Everybody in #gamedev today seem to be hyped by the recent blog post about what game designer does. You can read that, if you want. But don’t. You already know what game designer does, or at least you can make an educated guess. (If you can’t, you probably in the wrong blog.)

Here’s an unpopular point of view – not everything needs explaining. Imagine yourself a game designer, who had to spend an entire hour of his precious time to explain what he does for a living to his relatives or schoolmates he sees once in 5 years or so. Time is now wasted. Does he feel better? Does he? What changed in his life? What the knowledge he brought changed in the life of listeners? The answers are “no” and “nothing”.

If you need to explain, you don’t have to explain, so don’t. Mind your game. Players don’t give a flying fuck about your roles in a team, they only care about final product and the team as a whole.



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