Greedy kids

It’s pretty easy to get me mad. Generally, I hate idiots, whiners and lazy-asses, and I instantly get mad when they appear in my info-space, be it online or offline. But there’s one more category of people whose mere existence gets me fucking frothing foam at me mouth when I think about it – greedy kids. This particular rant brought to you, in part, by greedy gamedevs on Kickstarter.

Imagine yourself a game project which is nothing special, typical top-down arcade for mobiles, built with Unity3D, more than halfway there (judging by the videos and screenshots), looking to raise a whooping $40K on Kickstarter.

I’m not a rich man, you know, but a pretty good developer. $40K is what I’ve been doing in a year as a Senior iOS Developer in a major russian mobile-dev company. That’s enough for a family of three to live a beautiful life for a year – in Russia. So, imagine my reaction when I see a project which is month (max) until it’s ready asking for that kind of money. I’m really struggling to find an English equivalent of Russian “да вы охуели”, because “you fucking outta your fucking mind” doesn’t nearly have the same level of expression.

You think that’s all? There’re stretch goals in their project, first being PC/Mac/Linux version if $75K is pledged. Just think about it – a Unity3D game for mobiles, turn the camera from portrait to landscape, adjust it a bit, throw in couple lines of code to enable keyboard/mouse/gamepad controls that’s already in the engine – hurray, $35K covered. WHAT? I’m really struggling to find Russian obscene lexical equivalent for my emotions on this one.

There’s a reason for my rage. Railyard: Match-3 Evolved is a project I soloed in 2 months and released for 5 platforms, take a look what a single dev can do with a budget of $500. (It would’ve been $200 less if I wasn’t so picky about Unity3D free-vs-pro features.)

Stay fucking hungry, no matter how many millions your projects made. And if you really want to back some Kickstarted campaign, back these guys ’cause they’re oldschool and doing an awesome job.



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