Railyard: M3E is going to Steam Greenlight

It’s here:


Some wordy words about why you should support my game (or someone else’s anything that looks like an actual game) on Greenlight.

You see, when everybody was too busy building Flappy Bird and 2048 clones, I tried and built something more innovative and unique than 90% games out there on various markets. Not because I’m, like, some fucking anarchist “don’t tell me what to do” type, but because I thought it would be fun to play. Of course, I’m not running a charity here, and I plan to finally make gamedev my only trade – if my game gets on Steam.

Most indies don’t make millions, despite what you might think. But every “yay” vote, every retweet, repost, every purchase however small, gets us something more than just money. It’s recognition and acceptance. It’s strength and courage to continue our work. So when you don’t support indies, you fuck us up and will never see what else we got prepared for you.

Word of warning – if you don’t. Karma’s a bitch, you see. You vote “nay”, you steal our shit, download torrents – you’ll be left all alone with some corporate fuckers like EA, King.com, Supercell or Zynga, who in cold blood able to murder whole genres – just because of money. Soon you’ll be left with no games to play and no indies to build you games you’d wanted.

I’m working on a complex game engine, which will let me build not one, but two games I already thought of. Both roleplaying/strategy/simulation, both rely heavily on social mechanics (not “social” like invite-your-friends-from-fucking-facebook-to-get-some-points, social like your characters actually have to worry about something more than just their health points), both with plenty of mature content, procedurally generated maps and such. Both will keep you entertained for days, if not years. Wanna see them done and released? Don’t support pay-to-win. Don’t support stupid farms, villes or any other shit that sucks your wallet. Support indies. You can start with me.



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