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Railyard is being built

Just some details from Railyard’s main menu screen


War of the engines

Epic Games changed their business model – Unreal Engine 4 is now available by subscription for $19 per month plus 5% of your revenue. This includes Unreal Editor bundled with various content by Epic and access to UE’s huge codebase.

Crytek was the last to the party, but CryEngine is now only $9.99 per month with no additional cost.

Massive also boasts their Snowdrop engine, on which The Division is being built. No pricing details yet though.

Looks like this was planned after all, and there’s no better time to announce stuff like that than GDC. And this is the best kind of war – the war where developers and gamers alike win big.

Unity3D 5 Feature Preview


Unity3D 5 has been announced today at GDC. Watch feature vid for instant nerdgazm.

Unity3D: save game basics

So, you finally built a game on Unity3D that has more than one scene. Congrats. Now you got bunch of user and game generated information you need to pass from one level to another or restore on scene reload. The simplest way to achieve that is XML object serialization/deserialization and saving/loading XML files. Today we gonna do just that.

Brace yourselves, code is coming.

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Unity3D: constraining particles

What if you need to keep your particles in line, like creating a stream of water which flows exactly inside the tube, or (in my case) steam from a locomotive that does not leave the tunnel through the solid roof? The solution is so elementary, you’ll flip when you see it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.34.57

This is what it looks like with unconstrained particles. There’s a steaming locomotive in this depot and it looks bad. It looks especially bad on mobiles, ’cause soft particles feature is deferred lighting only and DL will kill performance even on iPhone 5s (proven).

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.36.00Now take a look at the Shuriken Particle System inspector, especially Collision tab. You may have seen it but never gave it any thought or realized how the shit works. I know I did.

When Collision tab enabled, Shuriken applies same rules to every particle that contacts any collider. For example, Dampen value will be applied on contact, slowing your particles down. Bounce will, well, bounce them off. Lifetime loss will shorten lifetime of a particle, apparently. And if Min Kill Speed is zero, your particle will be just destroyed on contact.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.35.34

That’s exactly what I did – added a flat thin box collider just under the roof. Notice steam still coming up from below roof but not through it?

Fucking magic.